Sunday, October 7, 2007

Daddy's on holidays


Josiah and Mark climbing trees - aren't they cute!
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Happy Birthday Josiah


Josiah turns 3 today!! He is still my baby:) Poor thing, has been sick for a few days. He didn't want to have a birthday today because he was having too much fun - I think its all been a bit too exciting for him. We had a party with a racing car cake (needed 100 times more food colouring!) at South Bank and had a bit of a picnic with the Burrells and the Burrells and the Neales. Josiah slept on the rug most of the time :( Off to Australia Zoo on Tuesday!! Can't wait:)
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Relaxing in Brisbane


Having a lovely week in Brisbane with Chloe, Jo and Mic...
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Had lots of fun hanging out with the Reeses at Coffs Harbour. Went to Kegel 9 pin bowling - was very cool! We had a lovely time with Matt, Dan, Josh, Larissa and Isaac.

Friday, September 14, 2007

clever, cute and cuddly

just some cute pics of the munchkins:) its lovely to sit outside on a warm day and play with the kids...
...oh,so cute! to love dads

...aren't i clever?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

gluten free festival

off to the gluten free expo tomorrow:)! Lots of free glulten free food. gourmet stuff, yummy stuff too.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

changing the world champions

this blog is dedicated to those that are making a conscience effort to change the world
my cousin Chris ...
Mum suggested I have a look at Chris' website. - you can too. Chris runs an eco friendly organic cafe in Orlando.

my beautiful sister Jo wrote to me ...
"your web blog thingo has stirred me up a lot. today i started to get
really convicted about child labour in agriculture and started
researching it. i've decided we are going to try and buy only
fairtrade chocolate. but then i cant do that and ignore coffee which
comes from the same thing, so i looked in to that. i contacted merlo
coffee whom we buy most of our coffee from and they are not fair
trade certified but are certified with the rainforest alliance, so i
researched them and found that they support the UN's declaration of
Human Rights and Children's rights convention regulations. so that is
good. so thats a start. i am going to start learning more and go from